Time and Tools

I’ve got the technical skills and the technology, but where will I find the time? 

I understand what it takes to be a successful online student. I’ve actually given the speech hundreds of times to the high school students in my own classes.  It’s easy enough to plug in the computer and make sure it’s connected to the internet, but students have to log in and do the work in order to be successful.  Easier said than done.

The distractions keeping me from having oodles of time to work on my classes differ only slightly from those of my students.  Working full time and raising two young children makes it challenging to carve out quiet time to think straight and work on my courses.  I have to be a little creative and plan ahead to know when during the week I can get the most accomplished sprinkled in with dance class, homework, laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands etc. 

An additional complication is the teamwork aspect of this program.  I’m all for working on a committee or as part of a team — I do it constantly at work.  However, at work, we’re all right there together.  It’s quite simple to send a meeting invite, wait for responses and show up at the meeting ready to go.  Working as part of a team when we all have different schedules and repsonsibilities makes me very nervous.  At the same time though, the tools that are available now make it really exciting to work with others.  I think Elluminate is great and being able to collaborate through Google documents or Smartsheets is efficient. 

Despite the distractions and diffuculty I have finding time to work on my classes, I’m looking forward to using the technology at hand to collaborate successfully and meet a lot of great people as I learn and go through this program.

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I Eat Coffee.

It’s true that I pretty much live on coffee. I actually tried to use “I Eat Coffee” as the title of this magical blog, but alas, someone else on the planet loves coffee as much as I do and beat me to it.

I’m new to blogging. When it comes time to publicly discussing something that interests me, I find it difficult to blurt out information to an unfamiliar audience.  I am perfectly comfortable sharing my unhealthy interest in coffee with all of you though.  I spend an inordinate amount of time at a computer during the day — I work at an online high school and take classes online. As tomorrow looms closer, and there’s still so much to be done, I find myself thinking that I really needa cuppa joe.


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